15th Annual Conference of the
Canadian Disability Studies Association (CDSA-ACEH)
Annual General Meeting

May 29, 2018, 1:30-3:00 p.m.
University of Regina, LB 142.

Prior to AGM: Awards Presentation 2018
Tanis Doe Award: Esther Ignagni, recipient.
Student paper competition: Katherine Turnbull: winner.

Item 1

Leader: Jen Rinaldi and Heather Willis

Item 2

2017 AGM Minutes
Motion carried: minutes accepted

Item 3
Leader: Jen Rinaldi

2018 AGM Agenda
-Motion to discuss three resolutions on the agenda—brought forward by Jen; seconded by Eliza
-Motion to discuss considering the timing of events and panels at the CDSA-ACEH conference; introduced by Diane Driedger; motion carried.
-Motion to ask CDSA to write a letter in support of CUPE 3903; introduced by Caroline Kovesi; seconded by Esther Ignagni—carried.

Item 4
Leader: Jen Rinaldi

Executive Board Activity report:
CDSA conference: memberships up to 70 pre-conference; 93 at conference.
Andrea Ritchie, International keynote
Ronaldo Walcott, Canadian keynote.
Awards acknowledged.
Fundraising carried on throughout the year.
Sponsors acknowledged.
AI captioning has been supporting our plenaries at this year.
No discussion on activity report.
Jen moved to accept the activity report; Diane seconded; all in favour.

Item 5
Leader: Jen Rinaldi

Financial Report:
Chelsea presented budget report. Reports and figures have been sent electronically. In sum, CDSA-ACECH are on an upswing financially. Yet pattern remains that we are spending more than we are bringing in. Surplus is slowly dwindling. Two biggest costs: Congress costs (i.e. membership) and Access costs at Congress. Each costs about $10 000. Total base cost of approx. $20 000 for Congress each year.

1. Summary of 2017 conference costs: please refer to document Budget Report, 2018, sent in AGM package.
CDSA-ACEH was able to cost-share with Ryerson from last-year’s conference, partly due to Heather Willis’ hard work. This requires quotes and estimations for accommodation costs. Thus, Accommodation needs must be requested early in the preparation process for each Congress.

2. Estimation of 2018 conference costs.
Budget projections are made early. 93 attended this year; as of April 25, we had 70 registered. High level of sponsorship this year.
Please refer to 2018 Budget Projections (as of April 25, 2018).
Decisions were made by Executive this year to save costs: Cuts made to financial award for Student Paper; to remove financial award for Tanis Doe Award; cut the conference length by one day. Objective: to save $2 200. Estimated revenue: $20 635; estimated expenses: $21 354 (total deficit $989.00). But since April 25, the Sexuality Studies Association agreed to help us with the cost of one of our guest speakers; and our AV costs were reduced. Thus, the deficit will be reduced.

3. Bank Account balance check-in:
Surplus is dwindling.
Comfortable if every year we had a surplus of $ 2 – 3 000, rather than trying to recoup the costs of the conference.

4. Questions to membership about fundraising

To Discuss: (a) considering the current need to remain sustainable, what are the priorities the membership would direct the EB to maintain at the next conference?
Encouraging Congress to consider accessibility as something that benefits all, not just CDSA conference. i.e. get Congress to take more responsibility for accessibility costs. CDSA can pose the question to Congress that accessibility needs to be a priority by Congress. When a university agrees to host Congress, they are asked to ensure accessibility; Congress to assist with accessibility; however, this responsibility still tends to fall to the host university.
Student awards: ensure that students who win 2nd and 3rd place for the student award could present their work at Congress, even if there is no monetary award.
Hiring a longer-term consultant for anti-oppression training as opposed to a one-off training session.
Faculty support; faculty funding the Pub nights; Faculty funding student bursaries or contributing to a central pot; have one keynote; look for a community keynote; making the most of people’s travel arrangements and funding to see if their funding could pay for their travel.
Travel funding through universities
Anti-oppression training in-kind
Get the pub that holds the pub night to sponsor it, as they will probably make money anyway.
Catering: ensure food and drink to increase participation at the conference. i.e. Increase catering budget.
Cut off student pub funding; merge keynotes into one keynote.

(b) What are creative strategies for funding CDSA-ACEH priorities?

  • Journal advertising
  • Cost-sharing with host universities
  • Elections Canada kiosk
  • Raising sponsorship values.
  • Fundraising: T-shirts or pins to be purchased at Congress.
  • Allowing option to pay more on registration that would go directly to unwaged workers and students
  • Getting local businesses to provide more of the food / catering/ other things that we use.
  • Accessibility businesses (ie. Technology, cars, etc)—approach them for sponsorship.
  • Approaching unions for support.
  • Approaching publishers for sponsorships; ads in programme, etc.
  • Canada Council for the Arts: have a table at the Congress, as they have a current push to increase accessibility in the Arts.
  • Partnering with disability organizations for guest speakers, etc.
  • Fundraising contacts in participants’ home towns as sponsors.
  • Targeted donations: faculty for a student fund; people to donate for access; targeting government agencies (ie. Federal Office for Disability issues; provincial ministers responsible for disability issues in the province of the Congress).

(c) How can the Executive Board ensure CDSA-ACEH conference funding is sustainable? Three motions were presented:

5. Presentation of 3 motions:
Motion: To raise the CDSA-ACEH membership fee for waged members from $170 to $180.
Forwarded by Chelsea; Seconded by Randy Johner.
All in favour. None opposed, no abstentions.

Motion: To raise the CDSA-ACEH membership fee for students/retirees from $65 to $70.
Seconded by Esther.
All in favour; none opposed, no abstentions.

Motion: To introduce an ‘unwaged category’ to the CDSA-ACEH membership with a fee less than $65.
Seconded by Margaret Oldfield.
Discussion: changed name of category to ‘unwaged / insecure’. We can change the website to include these caveats and to not ‘police’ too closely.
Can we make it cheaper for people to present if they are from other associations? For example, $25-50 presentation fee for members of other associations. Presenters who are coming to present on a panel, but not part of the conference per se.
We could research how joint panels operate, so that people do not have to pay joint fees.
Would a sliding scale work to ensure we attract people? Congress does not allow a sliding scale. Will we be lowering our income with this third category? It will help people to not have to ‘out’ themselves as not being able to come to afford to Congress.
Right now, we are restricted to the categories that Congress has designated; i.e. cannot add precarity via Congress. However, we can include the term ‘precarity’ to this third category to ensure access with less cost for contract faculty.
Note: to introduce idea of 1% levy for all associations who participate in Congress for accessibility.
Vote: All in favour: no one opposed; no abstentions. We may alter CDSA materials to change the wording of the third category to suit our association better.

Motion to approve the Budget. Esther seconded. All in favour. Motion carried.

Item 6
Leader: Chelsea Jones

CDSA-ACEH Executive Board Elections:

Motion forwarded by Heather Willis, incoming president:
Extend the Francophone representative for 2 years from 1 year. Seconded by Madeline. All in favour; motion carried.

Motion: to create the non-voting Executive Board position of Treasurer-Elect for a 1-year term. Seconded by Kim Collins. All in favour. Motion carried.

These affect our constitution but will not come into effect until the 2019-2020 year.

Motions for new positions for the year 2018-2019:

President-Elect: self-nomination from Jeff Preston from UWO. All in favour; no oppositions or abstentions; carried.

Student representative: Caroline Kovesi, self-nomination; seconded by Margaret; all in favour; motion carried.

Congress Coordinator: must be from UBC; remains vacant.
Congress-Coordinator-Elect: must be from UBC; remains vacant
Local Arrangements Coordinator: remains vacant
Assistant Local Arrangement Coordinator: must be from UBC; remains vacant.

Francophone Representative: Charles Gaucher.

Equity officer: remains vacant

CCDS liaison: Evan Wicklund; all in favour; motion carried.

Motions to accept nominations carried from 2017-2018:

Eliza put forward the motion; seconded by Jane Dryden; all in favour; motion carried.

President: Heather Willis
Past President: Jen Rinaldi
Secretary: Madeline Burghardt
Treasurer: Chelsea Jones
Website Coordinator: Kim Collins
Communications Officer: Kaley Roosen
Translation Coordinator: Majid Turmusani
Fundraising Officer: Patty Douglas

Motion to accept entire slate: forward by Esther; seconded by Diane; all in favour, motion carried.

Item 7
Leader: Heather Willis

Other Business

Motion: to begin sessions later in the day at our conferences, for example, 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Motion Brought forward by Diane Driedger, seconded by Caroline Kovesi.
Discussion: Start at 10 a.m. at forthcoming conferences. keep the first day as starting later in the afternoon with social time before the conference actually starts. We could also build in time at the end of the conference; could also have a social time at the start of each day.
All in favour; motion carried.

To have the membership support the CDSA-ACEH EB to collectively put together a letter in support of striking workers at York University. Motion brought forward by Caroline Kovesi; seconded by Margaret.
Discussion: CDSA-ACEH does not have money to give but can issue a statement. Best to have the support of the membership behind the EB.
Ensure there is no conflict of interest in terms of people on the EB who are also members of the Union. All in favour: no oppositions; 1 abstention (a CUPE 3903 Union member).

Item 8

Thanks to all members of the CDSA-ACEH EB for their work over the past year.

Item 9
Leader: Jen

Motion to adjourn the meeting:
Seconded by Kim.; All in favour.
Meeting Adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted,
Madeline Burghardt
CDSA-ACEH Secretary, 2017-2018.