CDSA-ACEH meeting

28 February 2018

Present: Madeline Burghardt, Jen Rinaldi, Maria Arentsen, Chelsea Jones, Heather Willis

    1. Heather made a motion to approve agenda. Seconded by Madeline.
    2. Jen made a motion to approve minutes. Seconded by Heather.


  • Room allocation report:


Keynote allocations: separate rooms from our session rooms. Not ideal but manageable.

AGM: in a different building than our other rooms. We will need to use volunteers to help us move over to the other building for the AGM. Also not ideal but manageable.

Two breakout session rooms in one building, and two breakout session rooms in another. The walk between them is ‘10 minutes’ (not clear how long this distance would take for all of our participants)., and not all of the rooms in one building are on the same floor. Program is not finalized yet, so we can do a room re-allocation request if necessary. At Ryerson last year, there was a shuttle available; golf carts in Calgary in 2016.

To do: Ensure break times are clearly marked in the conference program so people know when they need to move. Ensure that moderators are reminded to keep sessions to the time limit so that people have time to move. Ensure that washrooms are well-marked on those routes. Ask Randy about issues connected to room allocation: i.e. to keep pressing for having rooms in the same building and on the same level. If this is not possible, then we need to ensure there is adequate signage and enough volunteers to help people to move; and to ensure we have first priority to a shuttle service. Ask Accessibility team at U of R: can people move around the circle of U of R campus without encountering access issues? i.e. is there a transport service planned to assist people to move around inside to other locations?


  • Conference program:


Three organizations have purchased ad space for the program.

Presenters have given feedback regarding their program placement. Jen has done her best to accommodate. Will be submitted to Congress by March 16th so it can be uploaded to Congress website. Grouped Deaf presenters together; Francophone presenters together.

CCDS has reserved one panel space. They are not contributing funds this year.

Program has been condensed:  Day 1 starts at 3 p.m. President’s Reception is the same evening and will be added to the program.

Discussion: Can we build networking opportunities into Day 1? i.e. networking session from 2 – 3 p.m. on first day in the same room as the opening Keynote room. We could also reserve the pub on campus for a student pub lunch or evening (at which all are welcome).

To do: Heather will ask Arielle for input regarding a pub lunch or evening. Jen will ask Anne if she can approach CCDS to ask if they would like to participate in the networking gathering and can contribute to cover costs. Jen will ask Randy about using the opening Ceremony room earlier than 3 p.m. on May 27th.

Title of Rinaldo’s keynote: ‘Before and after the Human: Captain Hook and the Afterlife of Slavery’. Awaiting Andrea Ritchie’s title.

Translation: Sections of the program that need translation will be translated (i.e. first few pages, locations, etc).

Start time: Heather has received input regarding conference sessions not starting before 9:30 a.m. This unfortunately will not be accommodated next year but will be considered in future.

Accommodation on campus: preferable, so that people have easy access to the campus. Hotel and residence information will be posted on the CDSA-ACEH web page.

Quiet room: Randy has been informed there are quiet rooms indicated on campus.


  • Award Adjudication Schedule:
  • Conference awards:


CDSA-ACEH received 10 applications. 5 names were selected randomly; 4 have confirmed congress attendance; 1 is awaiting external funding. To do: Chelsea will contact these people for their mailing address ahead of congress.

We have also been given 6 conference passes from Congress. These will be for the two award winners, the two keynotes, and the awards runners-up.


  • Tanis Doe Award:


Re: having previous year’s winners on the committee. We had decided at our last meeting to not continue this practice. However, we can ask previous recipients to sit on the committee if the Board finds itself in a situation without adequate people on the committee.

No Francophone nominations this year. This needs to be promoted more in future years to ensure more nominations.


  • Student paper competition:


Due: April 20th. Discussion postponed to next meeting.



  • Fundraising Report:


Anne secured $750 from U of T; Jen $500 from UOIT; Nancy Hansen $500 from U of Manitoba; $300 has been promised from OISE; $300 from Carla Rice U of G; $300 promised from National Education Association of Disabled Students; $500 has been donated from Ryerson School of Disability Studies. Follow-up needed for George Brown: Chelsea and Heather will do this with Arielle and Fran respectively.

Ongoing requests: Majid can be asked from Every Canadian Counts. Maria will reach out to Patty to see if she is able to secure a donation from Brandon (St. Boniface has donated in the past but is hosting its own conference this year and thus is unable to donate this year). Jen will reach out to Susan Mahipaul. Madeline will follow up with York U. Deadline for confirmation March 9th. Discussion re: whether to place ads in the program if people have not submitted their promised donations. Concern re: maintaining good relations. Decision: continue to include names if people have promised funds.

Discussion re: introducing a membership fee for CDSA-ACEH each year, even if not attending conference, as a way to have a steady income. A raised membership fee will be introduced at the AGM. We may need to consider new ways to fundraise: currently we are bringing in less than we have over the past two years, but situation is not desperate yet.  We need to increase our sponsorship base—for example, in the Western and prairie provinces. Jen will send out the congress program again for the Board to show potential sponsors again. We could introduce sponsorship at the Conference and the AGM; can ask membership for ideas and input at the AGM. This will be discussed in forthcoming meetings as we plan the AGM. For future: may need to introduce easier ways for people to donate money and to become a member (i.e. online donations) and provide sponsorships. CDSA-ACEH is considering changing banks to simplify banking.



  • Budget:  $20,000 in bank account; this is an increase and is good. Conference usually costs around $20,000; difficult to estimate as many of the costs come in after conference.




  • Motions:




  • Motion Introduced by Jen: earmark a budget line of up to $1250 for the Canadian Keynote address.  Seconded by Madeline. This includes return flight (est $407.00); hotel accommodation x 2 nights ($600.00); honorarium ($500.00). 4 in favour; one against.




  • Motion introduced by Jen; Seconded by Chelsea. Be it resolved that $650 be earmarked for International keynote address. This includes return flight ($800), accommodation x 2 nights; and honorarium ($1,000). The total is less than the Canadian keynote due to the congress Institutional Support fund and $500 support from Sexuality Studies Association. Thus, CDSA-ACEH is up for $650.00. All in favour.


Discussion re: lowering costs in future; perhaps provide one night of accommodation only. Jen will ask the Cnd keynote if he would be willing to accept only one night of accommodation. This can also be discussed at the AGM. Video conferencing can work as well. This needs to be discussed in future.


  1. Motion introduced by Jen: Be it resolved that CDSA-ACEH earmark up to $ 2181 for CART services for Congress.  Seconded by Chelsea. Friendly amendment: increase the amount to up to $2500 for CART services Seconded by Chelsea. All in favour.

Discussion:. We have also requested that U of Regina  cover ½ of the accommodation costs; but the University only is obligated to cover the costs of accommodations that have been requested. We are requesting it as accessibility; U of R is willing to engage for accommodations only. We have received quotes from U of R, but Randy is still looking for ASL quotes to include ASL at plenaries and keynotes. CART will be booked now for our plenaries, keynotes, AGM, and panels that include Deaf presenters. We will secure CART for breakout sessions if requested by conference participants. Discussion: we can ask our membership to indicate their accommodations clearly at the beginning of the planning stages, as the U of R will not cost-share accommodation costs if members do not indicate. This is another item for discussion at the AGM.

To do: Jen will send an email to membership this week to remind of congress deadlines; will include the reminder for accommodation requests. Heather will further discuss some of these issues with Faith at U of R.


  1. Adjournment: Jen moved to adjourn the meeting. Madeline seconded. Meeting adjourned at 4:27 p.m.

Next meeting: March 28th, 1-3 p.m. EST.