CDSA-ACEH 2017-2018

Dec. 6, 2017

Meeting Minutes

Present: Majid Turmrusani, Anne McGuire, Jen Rinaldi, Madeline Burghardt, Chelsea Jones, Kim Collins

Jen opened the meeting. Meeting will also be recorded.

  1. Approval of Meeting minutes for Oct. 17th


  1. Agenda for Dec. meeting approved.


  1. Debrief on in-camera Anti-oppression workshop:
  • Thoughts: was worthwhile. Can send email privately to Jen if people have thoughts or feedback on the workshop.


  1. Congress: CDSA has booked rooms for the conference. The first day is now compressed; opening will be mid-afternoon, then international keynote (keynote for SSA also).


Two keynotes: Both the international and the Canadian keynote are planning to come to the Congress, thus removing the possibility of doing them remotely (budget implications).


International Keynote: Andrea Ritchie has accepted CDSA invitation. Our ability to have her come is dependent on whether or not we receive $1000 we have requested from Congress. Sexuality Studies will contribute $500 towards the fee. Ritchie’s original honourarium is $2000; we are hoping she is open to some negotiation on this. Total cost would be about $3000 for her to come (incl accommodation and travel). Jen proposes cancelling her if we don’t receive the funding from Congress. If we do not receive the funding from Congress, Plan B is to move the Canadian keynote to the first day of Congress, which would open up space for 4 breakout sessions on the second day. We will confirm Ritchie as keynote if/when we get confirmation of funding. (Note for next year: Jasbir Puar is open to accepting an invitation for the 2019 Congress).


Canadian keynote: Rinaldo Walcott: Women & Gender Studies at U of T. He also would like to attend Congress. Discussion: Could Women and Gender Studies, or Cultural Studies help support the fees for Walcott? If Ritchie doesn’t come, we could also ask Sexuality Studies to provide financial support Walcott as a keynote.


  1. Abstract Submissions: 81 submissions at the Dec. 1 deadline (including two panels and 3 workshops). We are aiming for 72-96 individual submissions in total, so we are in the right zone for numbers. Adjudications are being organized by Heather and Maria. People will be notified of acceptances by mid-late January. Jan. 5th deadline for adjudicators. Jen will compose an acceptance letter. People who needed to submit late have contacted Jen directly.


  1. Budget: currently at $19000 in bank account. 2 Motions:


  1. Reduce student essay competition award to a total of $200.00 to be distributed among the winners. Discussion: pay an award, or pay for CDSA membership (i.e. conference fees)? Reimbursement for Congress could be part of the award. There are also 5 student bursaries, $200 each. Discussion regarding giving the amount to the awards committee and they decide how to distribute the funds to the winners. We must ensure accountability in the process. Student rep has coordinated the adjudication committee in the past. Query brought forward: Is this not a conflict of interest? We need to finalize this process before adjudicating (will be discussed at next meeting). Jen will work on putting together a timeline to revise the adjudication process. Discussion re: the number of prizes: in the past there were 3 prizes. The amount can stay fixed; the money does not get spent if it’s not awarded; keep the money for the next year. Decision: one winner; one runner-up. The winner gets the money; the runner-up gets recognition. Motion altered: Reduce the amount of the student award to $200.00 to be distributed to the first-prize winner on the recommendation that CDSA also offer to pay their Congress fees, and provide opportunity to present at the Congress. The runner-up is given honourable mention at the Congress. All in favour.


  1. Permanently removing the monetary value of Tanis Doe award. Discussion: We don’t have a Tanis Doe fund, and they primarily go to tenured professors. If community members come up for the award, this should come to the Board for discussion, to consider travel costs. All in favour.


Fundraising update: some donations: $500; 2 x $300; more are expected.


Budget idea: Livestream, using ZOOM, from Conference. We can charge people association fees if people are attending remotely. Some panels will be earmarked for livestreaming for a remote audience. Attendee would pay CDSA fee (through a separate portal) and $20.00 to attend remotely. This would be set up via the website—link is sent to those who pay the fees. Randy has secured funding for student volunteer; one of those volunteers might be able to moderate livestreaming. Manage it by containing it to one room. Use a space that is amenable to livestreaming all the large events (i.e. Tanis Doe; keynotes; AGM). Jen will speak with Kim and Vincent about how to arrange the registration, and to ensure there is a way to evaluate this endeavour afterwards.


  1. Awards: a) Tanis Doe—deadline Feb. 16th; b) Conference awards/student bursaries—deadline Feb. 16th; c) Student paper award—deadline April 20th. The calls will go out for these awards this/next month. Any suggestions for changes to the call-out should be emailed to Jen. Adjudication process: discussion to happen at January meeting.


  1. Open Discussion: Anne asked about expectations re: the Executive to attend Congress. Assured that this is not an expectation.


  1. Jen moved to adjourn the meeting. Seconded by Anne. Meeting adjourned at 12:30 p.m.


  1. Next meeting: TBD. Future agenda items: 1. Revisit / revise adjudication process for Student Paper Award. 2. Discuss adjudication for awards for the 2018 Congress.