Canadian Disability Studies Association

Association canadienne d’études sur le handicap

Board Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, March 28, 2-4PM

Via Zoom

In attendance: Jen Rinaldi, Anne McGuire, Randy Johner, Chelsea Jones, Faith Savarese, Arielle Sugarman, Majid Turmrusani, Heather Willis, Maria Arentsen, Madeline Burghardt


  1. Approval of Minutes: Jen moved to approve the minutes for February 2018 meeting; Madeline seconded. All in favour.


  1. Approval of Agenda. Jen moved to approve the agenda. Randy seconded. All in favour.


  1. Room Allocation Report:


Randy has secured rooms; now all are in LB building for CDS-ACEH breakout sessions. One room is on 6th floor, separate from the rest, but otherwise this is a good arrangement.


  1. Budget Report (see Chelsea’s email and ASL Interpreters Quotes):


Chelsea (treasurer): Budget Report for 2018 AGM:

  • 2017 Budget Summary: (please see attached report). Total membership revenue was $ 6815; $ 1000 from international speaker award; $ 2770 sponsorships; cost-sharing $ 2800. Deficit was $ 13 299. To address this deficit, we need to bring in between $ 2000 and $ 5000 every year.
  • 2018 predictions: $ 4100 in memberships, $ 1000 international speaker award, sponsorships $ 4350 (this does not include those that have not yet arrived); cost-sharing: hoping for $ 5000. Board-approved cost-cutting: cutting student essay awards: $ 800; Tanis Doe $ 400; one conference day: $1000 = $ 2200 in reductions in expenses from previous years.
  • Estimated revenue: $14 450; Expenses: $22 543; estimated deficit: $8 093.
  • Bank account balance as of March 31st: $ 18 634.68 (drop from $ 31,137.05 [2015 / 16] & $26, 203.65 [2016/ 2017]).
  • Bottom line: we need to address the ongoing deficits and diminishing bank balance.
  • Discussion: Usually data from the current year is not included at the AGM; we can include it this year to explain the cuts we have made. We will have to return to suggestions the membership made over the past year at the AGM. We will have to address the question of diminishing funds with the membership. Yet most of our costs are fixed costs and money is not being spent unwisely. Bulk of money goes to Federation for space; 2nd largest cost is access; 3rd  largest cost is speakers’ fees. A big part of our work could be to advocate with the Federation to cover more of our access fees. Cut back on speakers’ fees?
  • Action: to include access costs in budget update.
  • Action: to include membership in problem-solving about costs at AGM—i.e. what should we prioritize moving forward? What are creative strategies? How can we ensure funding is sustainable? We can give the membership examples from which to work.
  • Discussion: Could CCDS advocate on our behalf with the Federation to cover more of the access costs?
  • One example of innovative fund-raising: giving the membership a financial card through which to collect Air Mile points.


Motion: Be it resolved that the CDSA-ACEH budget earmark $7000 for ASL interpretation services. Motion forwarded by Jen; seconded by Randy.


Discussion: Randy has secured 4 interpreters (quotes submitted by Randy). U of Regina has said they will pay 50% of this amount. Randy and Faith have submitted quotes for the ASL interpreter fees. We usually guarantee ASL and CART for our plenaries, sessions with Deaf presenters, and sessions that Deaf attendees will be attending. Interpreters will have to be present to be available to Deaf attendees. Approximate cost for ASL interpretation is quoted at $1250 x 3 days.

Discussion: only 2 interpreters needed for the 1st day, for the 2-hour session; 4 interpreters for days 2 and 3. Discussion regarding presenters bringing their own interpreter.

Decision: we can vote on this motion for today; can return to the discussion regarding future negotiations, definitions of accommodations regarding interpretation, and Francophone interpretations at the next meeting. Motion passed.


  1. AGM Preparation (see AGM Agenda)


Chelsea has proposed that three questions be brought to the memberships at the AGM for discussion:

(a) What should the membership direct the Executive Board to

prioritize at the next conference?

(b) What are creative strategies for funding CDSA-ACEH priorities?

(c) How can the Executive Board ensure CDSA-ACEH conference funding is



Discussion: Question a): can we ask people to name one or two priorities? Be careful with wording: prioritization is different from sustainability. Another idea is to provide suggestions and people rank priorities. Questions a) & b) could be put together and could now read: ‘Considering the need to maintain sustainability, what does the membership feel the executive board should prioritize?

Is it possible to circulate these questions prior to the AGM electronically? We can gather the data prior and then tabulate it for discussion at the AGM. Also, be careful with how ‘priorities’ are phrased; accessibility will not be named as an ‘option’.


Discussion of Motions:


Motion: To raise the CDSA-ACEH membership fee for waged members from $170 to $180. Brought forward by Jen; seconded by Maria.


Motion: To raise the CDSA-ACEH membership fee for unwaged/students/retirees from $65 to $70. Forwarded by Jen; seconded by Anne.


Discussion: possible to leave student fees where they are? Executive should make a decision today because the motions have to be included in the AGM package for members to be able to vote on them. Perhaps better to bring them to the AGM as is, knowing there is room for discussion on these at the AGM. Perhaps introduce a third category between faculty and students (eg. ‘professional’), or other categories. We must engage with this discussion, as we cannot continue to be the only group that supports people to come to the conference. Must clarify what we mean by ‘unwaged’; what about people who have precarious employment? Perhaps have to make a third category: Waged; students; unwaged. Another option is to encourage people to present remotely; this allows people to avoid paying the Congress fee. How much money will be raised by increasing the student fee by $5.00? Reasonable to bring it to the membership and see how people vote. Discussion re: whether or not to bring forward a motion to discuss the creation of a third category. Might be too much to have categories created at the AGM.


Motion #1: all voted in favour; carried and the motion will go forward to the AGM.

Motion #2: Motion carried.


Motion #3: Create a third CDSA-ACEH membership fee category for unwaged earners at an amount of less than $65.00. Brought forward by Jen. Seconded by Chelsea. Motion carried.


  1. Executive Board Elections (see CDSA-ACEH Executive Board Roles & Responsibilities)


Heather, as president-elect, will manage elections for next year. Announcement re: which positions are available for next year have been distributed to the Executive and will be distributed to the membership. 2-year ongoing positions have not been included in this list. Equity officer is a new position.

Discussion: Please forward any names to Jen of interested people. Send Jen a summary of the work you’ve done over the past year.


Motion: Extend Francophone Representative term to two years from one. Motion brought forward by Jen; seconded by Maria. Motion passed. This would come into effect for the year 2019-2020.


Motion: to create the role of treasurer- elect, a non-voting position for 1 year.  All in favour. Motion carried.


  1. Student Paper Competition Award:

Please forward ideas regarding adjudication process to Jen who will forward to Arielle.


  1. Next Meeting/Steps:

No meeting scheduled for April; Jen will notify us if she needs to call another meeting. Send any information for AGM to Jen before April 28th, as AGM packages need to be sent out by April 28th.


  1. Open Discussion: none at this time.


  1. Adjourn. Jen Moved. Chelsea seconded. All in favour.


Minutes submitted by Madeline Burghardt, secretary.